When the heart listens, transformation happens

Karma Clearing Time

Posted by heartspeak in Consciousness

Been feeling frustrated, tired or sad? We’re all facing karmic decisions; do we stay with the security of Saturn or risk the transformation of Pluto. By following our heart we can have both! 

Feeling is Healing

Posted by heartspeak in Self Development

If you were ever taught that emotions should be suppressed at all costs; you're missing out on a huge potential as emotions or feelings are the energy required to ensure not only healing but transformation!

Healthy Women Happy Women

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As a MD, I'd expect to see the rise in women's equality result in increasing overall wellness & happiness. But that's not the case; heart disease, depression & other illnesses are increasing: time to focus on real health not just outward success.  

Honoring the Life you Chose

Posted by heartspeak in Consciousness

Despite life's challenges, can we look beyond these and see that the conditions we chose prior to incarnation have given us perfect opportunities for soul growth? 

Moments in Time

Posted by heartspeak in Consciousness

Can you recall an event that impacted you deeply? How did feel in the weeks before that moment & what resulted from that pivotal point? This moment did not occur in isolation but was a culmination of experiences & beliefs from ancestors & past lives, offering us all vital choices to change our history.

Forgive me my Expectations

Posted by heartspeak in Self Development

Forgiveness seeks to help us to let go of the pain following a traumatic event. But what happens when our pain comes from unmet expectations. What or who needs forgiving then?  

Meditation with Mysterious Crystal Skulls

Posted by heartspeak in Mystery

Join me in a meditation sitting with your own crystal skull. These quartz artifacts carry multidimensional awareness, offering healing, predictions of future & other insightful opportunities.  

Entering the New World

Posted by heartspeak in DefaultTag, Consciousness

Old beliefs & emotions secretly stored in closets are suddenly coming to meet us so we can decide which of them nurture our soul & which are drowning us. Only then can we decide what is worthy of our wonderful soul to be taken into the new world which awaits us all NOW! 

Compassionate Service not Sacrifice

Posted by heartspeak in Self Development

Commonly heard in spiritual communities: I want to be of service. But when does service become sacrifice & where does love or compassion fit in? I'm a recovering martyr to the needs of others: compassion for self first has powerful affects on all those who wish to serve. 

Patient Centered Care

Posted by heartspeak in Health

What is Integrative or Holistic Health and does in guarantee that the patient & their needs are at the center of the treatments offered or is Integrative care just as reductionist as orthodox medicine?   

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